things to be aware for Dec. 7: Senate, Trump Association, Gas costs, Apple, China

Trump Association :

Tuesday saw the conviction of two Trump Organization businesses on many counts of criminal tax fraud and falsifying company records. The Trump Corp. and Trump Payroll Corp. were explicitly found guilty by a Manhattan jury of all charges related to a 15-year plot to deceive tax authorities by failing to declare and pay taxes on top executives’ compensation. Although former president Donald Trump and his family were not charged in this case, the prosecution brought up Trump’s involvement in the benefits given to some executives, such as company-funded homes, car leases, and personal expenses, numerous times during the trial. The maximum penalties that might be imposed on the Trump Organization is $1.61 million. Organizational counsel stated that they intend to appeal.

Gas costs :

According to economists, this week’s significant decline in oil prices is a hint that gas costs will continue to fall. Despite concerns about the state of the economy and additional limits placed on Russian energy, oil prices have fallen to their lowest point of the year. On Monday, the West set a $60 price cap on Russian oil while the European Union prohibited some Russian oil imports. Both actions are intended to make it harder for Russia to fund its war in Ukraine without harming foreign customers. According to AAA, the national average price for normal gasoline in the US is currently $3.35 per gallon. In the last week, gas prices fell 14 cents, and in a month, they fell 42 cents

Apple :

Apple has been sued by two ladies who assert their past significant others utilized the organization’s AirTag gadgets to follow their whereabouts, possibly jeopardizing their security. AirTags are Bluetooth finders that clients join to things – like keys, wallets or PCs – that empower their area to be tracked down on a guide. While the gadgets can be a useful instrument to forestall losing individual things, a few specialists have cautioned that they could be utilized to follow individuals without their assent. In this new claim against Apple, one of the ladies said her ex purportedly positioned a hidden AirTag into the wheel well of a tire on her vehicle. The other lady said her ex, who had been irritating her and testing her about her whereabouts, set an AirTag in her kid’s knapsack, the claim said.

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