Bakhmut has street fighting, but Russia is not in control, according to the deputy mayor.

Russia force and ukrainian force fighting in the middle of bakhmut street but the the said newsof russia does not control the eastern city of deputy mayor has said.Oleksandr Marchenko are also told that 4000 civilians are livinig in shelters and he could not acces the gas, water and electricity

Mr Marchenko the city are almost destroy because not a single building are left to untouched. bakhmut has seen a lot of fighting this mouth but the Russian take change to their tires. Taking the city would be a rare battlefield victory for Russia in recent months.

Nonetheless, the city’s strategic importance has been called into question. According to some experts, any Russian victory could be pyrrhic, or not worth the cost.

Thousands of Russian troops were killed in the attempt to take Bakhmut, which had a pre-war population of around 75,000 people. According to Ukrainian commanders, Russia has lost seven times as many soldiers as they have.

(MR Marchenkosaid in today show) the current situation is that the wole cite are cut and there are no cummunication signal are left so that why we could’t connect any type of signal.

Russian forces and troops from the Wagner private army appear to have surrounded much of Bakhmut now, following heavy shelling.

Russian advances in the northern suburbs, according to UK military intelligence, have left the Ukraine-held section of the city vulnerable to Russian attacks on three sides.

According to Mr. Marchenko, the Russians have “no goal” other than to commit “genocide of the Ukrainian people” and have “no intention” of saving the city.

the president of Ukraine president (Volodymyr Zelensky) are also said the this situation are not handle it is most difficulty Although the military of Ukraine’s said it numeric attack’s since Friday.

“And the reason we shouldn’t give it to them is that it will be very difficult to retake control after the Russians capture it.”

Following a lengthy battle with Ukrainian forces, Russia claimed the Donbas town of Solider, about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from Bakhmut, in January.

By the time the Ukrainian army retreated, Soledar had been reduced to a wasteland of flattened buildings and rubble.

President Zelensky emphasised the need for artillery and shells to “stop Russia” on Friday.

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