Matt Hancock’s reaction of kissing photo Gina Cola Dangelo it in text leak

the spokesman said it was nothing news in the message and i know public are not interest about it. the WhatsApp message was by sun newspaper published photo of Gina Cola Dangelo. the spokesman are also said that public has issue about coronavirus inquiry and it will disused endless before his talk.

The ex-health secretary and Ms. Cola Dangelo were left in disbelief as the revelations emerged, as is described in the 41-hour WhatsApp exchange.

The pair’s liaison sparked outrage because it revealed that Mr. Hancock had violated his own lockdown restrictions, which were put in place to slow the spread of Covid.

While waiting for the photos to be published, he texted a special adviser, asking, “How bad are the pics?”

health secretary are also question that if the other minister could emphasize is rule are not be broken.
MS cola Dangelo he had work for government as a acting as a nonexecutive director. The Department of social care and health care at the time.

Mr. Poole challenged Mr. Hancock and Ms. Cola Dangelo to consider “really hard” whether they had broken any Coved rules.

Mr. Hancock said of the social distancing rule of keeping 1m apart from others when 2m was not possible: “Other than obviously the 1m+, I honestly can’t think of any.”

“Kissed before they legalized hugs” is the worst they could say, he continued.

Mr Hancock has said in WhatsApp message exchange from the month of it launching the scheme has causing in our area of (intervention area) that under additional government restriction he said that because he had higher cases of covid numbers.

In a separate published exchange, Matt Hancock seeks advice from former chancellor George Osborne on a video statement announcing his resignation.

Mr Osborne said it was “good” but suggests he probably wants to “include the apology to your loved ones you have in the letter”.

Mr Hancock then asked his adviser to clarify what the rules were at the time of the photograph.

The two of them then discussed how they would respond to media coverage.

This can be anything from saying that “no rules were broken” to admitting that he “breached the social distancing rules,” which Matt Hancock added he didn’t think he could do.

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