10 young Spanish speakers who can transform sports on International Women’s Day in 2023

We look at ten young athletes who represent the future of their sport in Spanish-speaking nations, including Argentine hockey player Valentina Raposo, Colombian cyclists Queen and Liz Villegas, and Mexican diver Alejandra Estudillo.

At the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, women’s sport provided memorable moments for Spanish-speaking countries.

Some are world-class athletes, such as Yulimar Rojas (Venezuela), who won gold with a world record triple jump, or the Argentine hockey team, which took silver.

Veterans like Mariana Pajón (Colombia) and Maialen Chourraut (Spain) won their third Olympic medals in BMX Racing and canoeing, respectively; and youngsters like Neisi Dajomes, who won Ecuador’s first gold medal.

Women’s sport is on the rise, and for International Women’s Day 2023, we will highlight young women who are shaping the future of their sport in Spanish-speaking countries and who will be athletes to watch for the Paris Olympics.

The notion that women are sentimental, fickle or irrational, weak or sensitive, is part of inherited, modelled, seen, or learned judgements, predispositions, perceptions, and interpretations of reality. The truth is that men can be sentimental, fickle, irrational, weak, or sensitive; these are human characteristics.

The urgency of transforming the social and cultural structures that support inequality and discrimination necessitates everyone’s participation. Recognizing and valuing people’s roles and contributions as human beings in all aspects of life is a process that requires the active participation of all members of society.

If you’re reading this, you were born to a woman who did everything she could with the tools she had to propel you, or not, through your first years of life. Regardless of her current relationship and your efforts to avoid repeating what you disliked, you undoubtedly inherited ways of being, thinking, acting, and feeling; the reflection that I propose is to review the messages that you remember receiving about women.

The ability to respond to the consequences of our actions is learned and requires awareness to recognise, on the one hand, our value and abilities, talents, and aptitudes as individuals, and, on the other, realise the impact we cause with the decisions we Observe and recognise whether your relationships with others are horizontal or vertical in the exercise that follows.

A horizontal relationship is one in which you recognise the other person’s equality and recognise yourself as equal to the other person: this extends far beyond gender.

A vertical relationship implies a hierarchical value by doing or having, implying a distortion of being.

Do you value others for who they are, regardless of their social status, gender, age, economic capacity, or position in life?

Even more importantly, do you value yourself for who you are, regardless of your social standing, gender, age, economic capacity, position, and so on?

I propose that you reconsider the collective interpretation of the phrase “empowerment of women”; it is not a trendy term that is used during March marches or around a national news story; think of it as acknowledging that women are already powerful. In this sense, she does not become powerful; it is not about someone losing or winning; rather, it is about learning to assume and exercise the I can! that is already yours.

On this International Women’s Day, I invite you to recognise and honour the value, talents, and contributions of women in your immediate circle. Begin with yourself, if you are a woman.

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Until the next time, take care.

Adriana Reid is the founder and CEO of Be2Be-Coaching, an organisation dedicated to teaching emotional self-sufficiency.

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